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Near To Bangalore...... Day Outing & Camping Facility

Near to Bangalore city ..... Ideal venue for day outing & night camping....!!!

Day outing ...... up to 100 member group should be comfortable.

Night camping ..... facility available is 2Nos of 2Bedroom Villas and 10 tents.



ABOUT US: Year 2005, Blooms started a small homestay in Kenichira, a village in the hill station of Wayanad District, Kerala State . By year 2007, Blooms became a popular brand in hospitality sector in Wayanad with a unique forest side resort named ‘Wayanad Blooms’. Variety accommodation options beside a stream and reserved forest is the salient feature of this resort with ‘two bedroom villas’, ‘cottages overlooking a stream on stilts’, ‘cottages with close forest view on stilts’, ‘mud houses’ and ‘tree-house’. 

Year 2009, Blooms further spread the wings to an organic farm resort named ‘Blooms Green Farm’ spread across 17acres of organic farm with 34 rooms in 14 villas. Here the accommodation is in independent 2 & 3-bedroom villas and food with 90% of items produced in the surrounding organic farm itself. Blooms Green Farm is with lots of activities for elders, children, families and groups. The livestock is another attraction with 5 breeds of dogs, dairy farm, goat farm, rabbits, poultry and lot more.


Both the resorts have sustained top ranks on popular travel review websites with more than 800 positive feedbacks from the guests stayed with us.

Details of both the resorts are available in the web page - BLOOMS

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To see the villas and cottages in our resort facilities, please use the link –LIVINGSPACES.

As the clientele from Bangalore increased in our Wayanad resorts, there had interactions of ideas in having a Blooms’ hospitality outlet nearby Bangalore city. In year 2012, we started searching for a suitable property within an hour drive from Bangalore periphery for Blooms’ base; we succeeded in 2014 near Berigai, Tamil Nadu state - LOCATION.  We have developed the 50+ acres property from then with plantation, villas, road network and amenities to start hospitality service. Milestones of the developments may be viewed with photos uploaded in the Google drive using the link – PHOTOS. Blooms’ base here in Berigai we named ‘Blooms Eco Village’. 

At Blooms Eco Village, now we have a pleasant gathering space for groups up to 100 members. Facilities are ideal for corporate groups as well as for few families planning get together outside their apartment premises. Despite there are only 2 villas with 4 ensuite bedrooms for night stay, we do provide ample number of tents and beds to ensure sleeping space for the guests. There's a dancing area demarcated with good music system and DJ options. Campfire settings and swimming in the fresh water pond are complimentary offers. Guests can either come with their food or prepare food at spot - we do provide all cooking and serving amenities and also on prior notice arrange the service of a local chef.


Approximate cost for an adult will be Rs.1000/- and for children between 8-15 will be 500/-. Everyone above 18 are considered as adults.

This cost will include:-

  • Wecome drink on arrival
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Evening Tea/Coffee with snacks
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Bonfire for 3 hours with music / keraoke / DJ
  • Accommodation in 4 Bedrooms, 3 Halls and 10 tents with extra beds to requirement.

Please note that the facility we offer is not a conventional resort but a farm concept spread across 50+ acres space. Guests have absolutely no restrictions to go around, trek to the adjoining rocky hills, having a dip in the fresh water pool, sharing farm concepts with our workers and doing whatsoever they wish to enjoy with friends and relatives. We do not serve alcaholic bewereges, but we have no objections for guests bringing and having it complying to the rules and regulations of Tamil Nadu State. 



There are more land available adjoining and nearby to our property, which we offer to mediate and make available for purchase at the best prices. We offer our farming expertise and local knowledge at nominal service charges and develop the land to a 'value added product' within 1-2 years. The investor can either sell this developed land at a higher price, the margin in no other business line can fetch him/her or keep it as an asset getting him/her a regular annual income. In both options the investor can count on our sincere, professional and transparant service at most affordable charges. More details of investment options can be discussed after seeing our projects in Wayanad & Tamil Nadu. To see the development milestones of a project at Nachikuppam (17km away from Blooms Eco Village & 19km distant from Chennai/Salem highway), please click the link : BLOOMS-ECO-FARM


We are sure that these details might still leave many of your queries unanswered. We would indeed be too pleased to meet you up at the location to answer these. Please feel free contacting us, should you decide to take our offer forward.

Please contact:

Johny                           Pradeep

(9066 599599)            (9066 399399)

(999 555 2299)           (98450 39353)

Email - bloomsecovillage@gmail.com