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Blooms Eco Village ( Hosur Taluk, Berigai - K G F Road)

Blooms Eco Village Berigai – KGF Road, Hosur Taluk, Tamil Nadu

We are entrepreneurs in agriculture, hospitality and livestock activities. Our base is in Wayanad (Kerala) were we are having farms, resorts and livestock in a relatively large volume in comparison with many of the similar projects near Bangalore city.

Our first project near Bangalore is Blooms Eco Village, which is a farm cum resort facility in Hosur Taluk on Berigai - KGF Road.

The location is equally distant from the Eastern Bangalore city border Sarjapur and Tamil Nadu Industrial town Hosur – 36KM. The roads are good, low traffic and reachable in 40minutes drive. Google map location link - LOCATION

The property where Blooms Eco Village is developed we identified in November 2014 and started land acquisition from February 2015. We have presently acquired about 45 acres of land and sold mostly to people who have visited our Wayanad projects. Our commitments to every buyer are mainly –

  1. Clear land titles with legal scrutiny report from the best advocate group who had many years of proven track record in this field. This advocate group is the authorized notary for many scheduled banks in Tamil Nadu (Adv. Raj Vivekanand and Associates) and chances are ruled out for any litigation in future.
  2. Well-defined boundary for every plot and hassle free registration support.
  3. Assistance for post registration formalities such as revenue records updating, tax remittance, patta etc.
  4. Providing power, water and driveways to every plot.
  5. Plantation of fruit trees, wood value trees, flowering plants, short-term crops etc. to the buyers’ choice. However, we do give advice to every buyer based on our experience in this field and help everyone to pick the right combinations for their property. The plants and short term crops we used to advise the land owners are mainly from the list - PLANTS, which are proven to grow here and we have 2 year old healthy grown up plants to show them.
  6. Maintaining the property and plants for 3 years without any additional charges to the land buyer.
  7. If insisted by the landlord to continue maintaining the property and plants further, we do it for a nominal monthly charge of Rs.3000/- per acre. (Please note that most of the plants we recommend do not need any intensive maintenance after 3 years as they spread branches out and go deep root in 3 years time.)

Please go through the link MILESTONES to see our step-by-step progress in plantation and construction in Blooms Eco Village from 2015 February till date.

If you would like to see the details of our Wayanad Farm resorts, please use the link – BLOOMS@WAYANAD. We are ranked among the top on Tripadvisor.com, which is widely recognized as the worldwide travellers’ preferred online hospitality partner - RANK. To see the guest reviews of our two resorts in Wayanad, please use the links – BLOOMSGREENFARM   &      WAYANADBLOOMS.

If you wish to visit our projects, to discuss how to associate with our projects or to book a stay in our resorts, please feel free to contact us:

Johny on 999 555 2299 (Kerala) or 9066 599599 (Bangalore).

Pradeep on 9066 399399  or 98450 39353.

Eamil - bloomsecovillage@gmail.com