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Blooms Eco Farm - Hosur Taluk, Nachikuppam

Blooms Eco Farm Nachikuppam, Hosur Taluk, Tamil Nadu

Blooms Eco Farm is our second project near Bangalore. We found this property in July 2015, acquired in September 2015 and developments started in mid of December 2015.

The location is closer to the Bangalore - Chennai highway, 20KM, please see the Google map with the link - LOCATION. The soil here is very fertile and ground water is at shallow depth in abundance. There is a free power connection for agriculture purpose, which is being utilized 24 hours for irrigation at no charges.

Blooms Eco Farm is presently 26 acre extent and likely to be 40+ as we are getting more contiguous land. This project is exclusively designed for farming and livestock activities. Plots are available in half-acre and one-acre extents to custom requirement. All other services we offer are typical to that of our first project in Blooms Eco Village on Berigai - KGF road.

Everyone who buys land here also automatically becomes a member of Blooms Eco Family and we offer certain number of complimentary stays and thereafter at discounted rates in our resorts here and in Wayanad. More details will be furnished on request.

Please see the development stages with the photo link – MILESTONES.